Information About Robotics & Bioengineering


Molecular Movies. Huzzah!


DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) - The sumptuous library of Babel.


More DARPA- Hybrid Insect MEMS


Biomimetics at Berkeley


Nanorobotics at Carnegie Mellon


UT Labs on Automation and Robotics. I, for one, welcome our newly emergent nano-robotic overlords.


Nanotechnology Information - An excellent nano-tech/cellular assembly primer written by Eric Drexler. Ancient as far as these things go (80's), but good human language.


Sandia Laboratories microelectromechanical machines. Nice pictures of projects. Old too, but very bladerunner.


Biorobotics at Stanford.


Lab on a Chip


Solarbotics - Instruction for DIY solar power based robots.


Synthetic Biology - Ahoy, thars the whale.


Advanced Cell Technologies - Stem celly goodness.


The Human Transcript Map - A map of the human genome. Browse by the numbered chromosomes.


Asimo - Honda corporation has been working on this humanoid robot for like a thousand years at a cost of several planets. It is a platform as much as anything, and can be networked and reprogrammed to evolve its responses. This is the prototype of the droid that will be wiping your ass when you are one hundred and seventeen years old.


ozAsimo - Apparently, also a platform for Eastern European humor. WTF? Wait until the very end to see the dance scene.


Big Dog - Sometimes you see something and you know that the world has entered a new stage. While Asimo points to the possibilities of robotic mannerisms, BigDog is spookily uncanny in form and behavior. It is hard to believe this robot is not thinking or deriving its abilities from some organic relationship to the world. And, as much as this robot changes tactics and strategy for conflict, it also changes lots of our ideas about transport in general. Different forms of nomadism are now possible. It also seems that this type of robot is scalable in many directions, and the part of the video from inside the lab shows what future models will be capable of doing.


FlexPicker - The beauty of industrial robotics. This is what this kind of music was made for. Hot dogs and robots at the same time. Also; night vision muffins.


mtran3 - This is long but gives a clue as to the nature of oncoming reality. There is not one- there is only the many. When mtran3 type things are faster and able to flock in more responsive parameters we will have turned some sharp corner. This one has the ability to flow along geometric patterns, which can be seen towards the end. Whenever this thing does the worm it makes me happy.


Endoroboscopy or something. If anyone knows more about this, please let me know.




Plant Links, etc.

H2ohouse, Inc. - Do-it-yourself Greenhouse Plans, House Plans and DIY How-to Information.




Animal Links

Amazing Octopus Video Clip (the second half is where you can really see it)


Another Amazing Octopus Video Clip


Here, near the bottom of the page, are a few video clips of cuttlefish pigment flashes.


Cornell Library of Ornithology Animal Behavior Sound & Video Library Click on the Yellow-Breasted Chat.


Birds - Best music video EVER!!!!



Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA


Biennial of Electronic Arts, Perth, Australia


Break Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Catherine Clark Gallery, SF, CA


The Exploratorium, SF, CA


Gallery 16 , SF, CA


GenArt , SF, CA


The Lab, SF, CA


The Luggage Store Gallery, SF, CA


Lump Gallery, Raleigh, North Carolina


Machine Project , LA, CA


Museum of Craft And Folk Art, SF, CA


New Langton Arts , SF, CA


New Image Art Gallery, LA, CA


Oakland Museum, Oakland CA


Pomona College Museum, Pomona, CA


Ramp Gallery, Hamilton, New Zealand


San Francisco Arts Commission, SF, CA


Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery , Reno, NV


Spaces , Cleveland Ohio


Sonoma County Museum, CA


Southern Exposure, SF, CA


Susquehanna Art Museum , Harrisburg, PA


Vox Populi , Philadelphia, PA


Wave Hill, Bronx, NY


Creative Capital Professional Development Workshop


Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin, CA


Oxbow School, Sonoma, CA


Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME


SymbioticA Laboratory, University of Western Australia


The MacDowell Colony