Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. October 25th 2007 to January 7th, 2008


The participants in BioTechnique have been motivated to work with living organisms for vastly different reasons, and, as if by a predetermined path, have arrived at a similar location–hosting life within a confined space. This impulse transcends the materials employed, and speaks of a deep root in the human nature of crafting the world. The urge to protect and nurture what we consider vital has motivated the formation of numerous enclosed spaces, including our garden walls, ceramic pots for our plants, jars for our fermented foods, and even the transparent bioreactors used for growing our cultured tissues.


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BioTechnique featured:


Aqua Forest Aquarium

The Artesa Winery/Codorniu Spain

Brandon Ballengée

The Exploratorium

Denise King

Golden Gate Orchids

Plant’It Earth

The Quake Group, Stanford University

Philip Ross

The Tissue Culture & Art Project

Allison Wiese